Having worked with retail and concept development for the last decade I have experienced a notable shift during the last period, -what we knew about retail, branding and store development/ design is now long gone. For anyone hasn't noticed the changes a major change that a definite era has come to and end, to name one example, is that Colette in Paris in has closed. You can ask almost anyone working in the field (or interested in design or fashion) about how groundbreaking that boutique was, people were coming from all over the world to see their ranges, window dressing designs and collaborations with lots of important brands and designers. Just scroll through their Instagram feed (or Google) to get the idea of much work that was put into their concept. 

"As all good things must come to an end, after 20 wonderful years, Colette should be closing its doors on December 20 of this year," the company said in a statement. "Colette Roussaux has reached the time when she would like to take her time; and Colette cannot exist without Colette."

I certain know that one single person can have a huge impact on a brand's image and even though Colette today is a well-known store with both history and high awareness in people's mind, the founder herself knows that that isn't enough for making the store stay accurate, which I believe says a lot of what it takes to keep a store concept relevant these days.

Another brand that, so far, has 'done everything right' is H&M that is now also having a lot problems with their stocks and brand's image in different ways. I can't wait to follow their journey about how to rise from this and I believe there will definitely be more to come in the 'The end of retail as we know it' topic..